ORCOD-IN in English

Built in the 1970s, « Grigny 2 » accommodates almost half the population of the city of Grigny: 17,000 inhabitants living in almost 5,000 flats, spread between the Tuileries and Sablons neighbourhoods, right next to the Grigny RER station.

Precarious households gradually replaced the middle classes who had settled down in the estate at construction. Once the 2nd largest condominium in France, Grigny 2 is now made up of 27 independent condominiums, all of which are experiencing financial, management and technical difficulties.

An operation to renovate the degraded condominiums

Created in October 2016, the “Grigny 2” ORCOD-IN in Grigny is now in its operational phase.

After major work to divide the huge condominium into 27 condominiums of a reasonable size, the public authorities are continuing to support each new condominium with its own safeguard plan.

To date, the project involves:

  • The compulsory purchase of 1 330 flats in 6 bankrupt condominiums, in order to demolish 920 flats and transform 400 flats into social housing.
  • The refurbishment of more than 3,500 flats in 21 condominiums.
  • The construction of around 750 new flats in a thoroughly renovated, environmentally friendly and socially responsible neighbourhood.